FutureSkills PRIME is a Programme for Reskilling/Upskilling of IT Manpower for Employability. This has been approved as a Central Sector Scheme under the Champion Services Sector Scheme (CSSS) of the Department of Commerce (DoC). The main objective of the programme is to create a reskilling/upskilling ecosystem in emerging and futuristic technologies to facilitate continuous knowledge enhancement of the IT professionals in line with their aspirations and aptitude in a self-paced digital skill environment. Cyber Security is one of the top 10 emerging technologies. Cyber Security Skills is designed to facilitate the users with continuous learning in the area of Cyber Security and related technologies. C-DAC Hyderabad is the Lead Resource Centre for Cyber Security. As part of the FutureSkills PRIME- Cyber Security, the Lead Resource Centre will design the course Cyber Security Essentials along with e-labs for Government Officials Training (GoT). The mode of training offered is online and blended. The programme would offer a robust online platform hosted on cloud to encourage anytime, anywhere, self-paced learning.